Certizen Technology Limited, an affiliate of Certizen Limited joined the first Hong Kong International Biotechnology Convention BIOHK2022 physically without fear of the pandemic. By deploying internationally-recognised public key infrastructure ("PKI") technology, Certizen Technology provides one-stop digital solution and support to medical and healthcare field and enable related companies or organizations have capabilities of ‘’identity authentication’’, “digital signature”, “Date storage” and “confidentiality” and so on. Integrating electronic contract system of Certizen Technology with internal system of medical and healthcare companies or organization, it makes digitalization of daily operation and management such as purchase, transportation, logistics, accounting and so on.

Furthermore, Certizen Technology has developed and maintained “MyeHealthPass” application which providing users with professional, comprehensive and efficient electronic credential life cycle management. The application therefore, helps medical and healthcare field providing seamless services of the whole consultation processes of patients. It is important for medical and healthcare to move forward to new era of smart operation.