International ICT Expo 2021: Speaker Profile


Mr. William Gee

PwC Mainland China & Hong Kong Partner, and Vice-Chair of Asia PKI Consortium

William Gee is an experienced Partner of PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong, and is a core team member at the Chief Digital Office, supporting the execution of the Firm’s digitalisation initiatives.  Prior to taking up this role, William was responsible for innovation for the Risk Assurance practice.  He is a member of PwC China Assurance Innovation Think-tank and a member of PwC Global Assurance Disruption Group.
William specialised in the field of information risk management after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in the UK in 1990.  William has over 30 years’ experience in providing a wide range of assurance and advisory services relating to the assessment of business and technology risks, as well as the design, review and enhancement of business and technology processes and controls.
William is a member of the core leadership team at PwC China driving the adoption of blockchain technology, including the regulation and risk management of, and the accounting approach to, crypto currencies and digital assets.  He participated in several studies relating to the regulation and risk management of crypto currencies and digital assets trading, as well as identity verification using blockchain.  He is a sponsor of the “PwC Blockchain Audit Node” concept, and successfully led the development and deployment of a blockchain audit platform in 2018 to support audits of cryptocurrency exchanges.
William is currently working on several initiatives to develop blockchain/distributed ledger technology platforms/solutions for industry deployment, covering aviation, oil and gas, local governments, accounting and auditing, and financial services.  William also involved in initiatives relating to the emerging digital economy, including various forms of digital assets (e.g. central bank digital currencies, stable coins, tokenization of traditional assets, etc.), and the related risks and transformational impact on traditional economy.
In addition to blockchain, William is also studying the combinatorial impact of emerging technologies, including IOT, AI, Robotics, 3D printing and other related technologies.
William has been driving the adoption of XBRL since 2000 in both Hong Kong and Mainland China; he was appointed by the China Ministry of Finance in 2009 to assist the development of the China Accounting Standard Common Taxonomy framework, and has supported similar initiatives in Thailand, Malaysia, and Russia.  He is now focusing on the impact of the European Single Electronic Format proposed by the European Securities and Markets Authority, effective 1 Jan 2020. 

Mr. HO Sing-Man

General Manager of Certizen Limited

Mr. Ho was the Lead Consultant specialized in the field of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), who started up a team to operate the Hongkong Post Certification Authority (HKPCA) when Hongkong Post on the first attempt to out-source the digital certificate (e-Cert) operations and services with private sector participation back in 2007.
Mr. Ho and his team then continuously run the Hongkong Post e-Cert services for over 14 years up to present.  In 2019, Mr. Ho spearheaded the research and development in the sister company, Certizen Technology Limited, on the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) ecosystem, the Decentralized Identifier (DID) technology based on the Sovrin distributed ledger network, and the Trust over IP (ToIP) stack. The Sovrin distributed ledger is operated by Stewards, and Certizen Technology Limited become one of the Steward in 2019.  Later in December 2020, Certizen Technology Limited become a Steering member of the Trust over IP Foundation to promote global standards of the ToIP for online confidence without compromising on user experience. Mr. Ho's interest areas include public key cryptography, WebTrust audit criteria for certification authorities, laws and practice with respect to digital certificate, e-ID, self-sovereign identity and other public key infrastructure (PKI) related business.

Mr. Oliver Ng

Chairman of The Hong Kong Association of Online Brokers

Oliver T.K. Ng is the Managing Director and Co-Head of Equity Sales and Derivatives Division at BOCI Securities Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of China. He was elected Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Online Brokers for 2019-2021 term. 
Oliver is a financial services professional with over 30 years of experience in Greater China. Oliver has been instrumental in introducing Fintech Solutions to the securities brokerage industry recently, most notably, cross border identity certification for remote account opening and Faster Payment Solutions which meets Regulator’s AML requirements.

Ms. Winkie Shuen

Chief Operation Officer, Carelink Bioscience Limited

Ms Winkie Shuen has been an experienced entrepreneur in marketing and information technology for over 15 years.   Since 2011, Winkie has been running a laboratory with his husband, and currently she is the co-founder and Chief Operating Manager of Carelink Bioscience Limited, which is a local COVID-19 RT-PCR testing institutions recognized by Hong Kong SAR Government.
With the help of Winkie, Carelink has been selected as a partner of IATA Travel Pass and Common Pass, and aims to be a convenient way to restart a travel journey.

Prof. SEE-TO Wing Kuen Eric

Associate Professor
Department of Computing and Decision Sciences of Lingnan University

Prof Eric SEE-TO Wing Kuen, Associate Professor of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, specialises in big data science and information management. Leveraging on big data as well as relevant computational and statistical techniques, his current projects investigate and develop applications of big data science techniques for the extraction of hidden insights in diverse areas such as public health, finance and social media. His work appeared in top-tier journals such as Journal of Management Information Systems, Research Policy, Information and Management, and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Before joining the academia, he had extensive consulting experiences for international firms in the banking and finance industry. 

 Language for presentation: English/ Putonghua