Founded in 2002, Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum Limited (“HKPKIF”) is a non-profit distributing industry organization established under the Companies Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“HKSAR”) and having the following objectives:

  • To enhance public and industry awareness of the importance of public key infrastructure (“PKI”)  products and services in addressing the issues of authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation in electronic-based communications as well as resolving issues regarding security of open network, PKI interoperability and ease of use;
  • To promote the adoption of PKI products and services for the promotion of secure e-commerce activities both locally and globally;
  • To recommend globally accepted technology standards and guidelines for use of PKI in business applications; and
  • To represent the HKSAR at international forums, including the Asia PKI Consortium (of which HKPKIF is a principal member), and to foster regional and international cooperation in PKI related matters such as cross-certification, application development, and interoperability arrangements.

Members of HKPKIF include HKSAR Government entities, universities, other Non-Government Organizations, professional services firms as well as commercial enterprises that share a common interest in promoting knowledge about and/or use of PKI products and services.  Please click "List of Members" for the list of current members of HKPKIF.