On 25th November, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Affairs Data Administration hosted the launch event of the "Trust Guangzhou"(信任廣州) Digital Platform and the signing ceremony for the collaboration of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Blockchain Trusted Certification Service (穗港區塊鏈可信認證服務) at the Guangzhou Smart City Operation Center. Certizen Limited, the operator of Hongkong Post e-Cert, was invited to participate in the ceremony, and signed the "Guangzhou-Hong Kong Trusted Certification Service Collaboration Memorandum" with the Guangzhou Municipal Government Affairs Data Administration. This joint venture aims to develop the "Trust Guangzhou" digital platform, fostering trusted mutual recognition across different areas and borders while facilitating the interconnectivity of government services.

The operator of Hongkong Post e-Cert has successfully integrated with the "Trust Guangzhou" digital platform. This integration enables users in both Guangzhou and Hong Kong to engage in cross-border electronic contract signing through the "Sui Hao Ban" (穗好辦) and "MyFaceSign" applications. The entire process, including signature, stamping, and completion, can be swiftly accomplished in approximately 2 minutes, effectively addressing concerns regarding the credibility of cross-border identities, data trustworthiness, and business reliability. This achievement paves the way for the "last mile" of business operations, allowing Hong Kong enterprises and residents to benefit from the convenience of mutual recognition certificates, particularly in the context of the ongoing pandemic. This effort holds significant importance in fostering an open, trustworthy, and fair environment, supporting the advancement of digital economic cooperation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.